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04/07/2014 12:24:46

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01/19/2014 01:02:14

Favorite brands for my feet

There are two footwear brands that I adore. 

Uggs and Birkenstock

I get several years of use out of both brands. If you feel they are on the expensive side, it’s worth it. 


01/10/2014 18:56:00

Dear FB:

I know you have a billion things to do, but we have an itty-bitty function request that we would like you to respectfully consider. We promise it won’t take much time to implement and it will make a lot of users happy. In fact, it might even help with how the public perceives your stance on user privacy. After all, nobody likes to be probed by the all mighty FTC.

This itty-bitty request is nothing more than a line of code that lets users remove all their history or ‘activity log’ as you call it, with one click. Yes, we understand this is a boring request, but it doesn’t take much to make users happy. You can even assign your weakest developer do the implementation so it doesn’t disrupt the more “important” code changes. Your one by one approach to removing ‘activity log’ is downright offensive and seemingly self-serving. Correct us if we are wrong, but it seems like your current implementation is designed to prevent users from removing their search history or at the very least designed to make users give up on deleting any logged items, because the process of removing ones activity is a slow and painful process. As you know, it takes several painstaking seconds to delete one item. Yes, we are sure we want to delete that particular search so please stop asking us to confirm. The action to execute a removal is redundant in itself. Go try it! Can you imagine if a web browser only allowed users to delete search terms one by one? Exactly!

Now, if this one click function to remove all logged items is hidden somewhere behind that ‘lock’ icon please let us know because we’d love to use it. If not, please include the above request for this Sunday so its properly staged for next Tuesdays push.


The Users of Facebook.


01/10/2014 01:39:21

Dated answers and link rot

If you build software on the web there are two massive problems going on right now with two popular services. The first one is Quora. This service is all about Q&A but with technology moving so fast the answers are often dated. This is a pretty big problem. A good answer quickly becomes a bad answer within 6 months.

The next problem lies within stackoverflow. Another Q&A site. This site doesn’t really have a dated answer problem like Quora but they have a serious link rot problem. Thousands of reference links are dead. This ruins the experience.

Obviously, stackoverflow can do more buy where should they start. I would like to see them buy jsfiddle and implement it so they can properly host all demo code.

I hope to see these platforms evolve in 2014.


01/07/2014 23:21:07

Jelly is a vertical of reddit

If you’ve read the news you have probably heard about a new startup called Jelly.  The concept is fairly simple. It’s a mobile Q&A app /platform of sorts. If you want to know what something (type of tree) is you take a photo, add a little text, maybe draw on the photo to point to something specific and then you submit the marked up photograph to the Jelly platform and with a little patience you will receive an answer from someone who can answer your query. 

Let the reddit unbundling begin. A year or so ago I saw this scary looking insect and I really wanted to know more about it but all my searches came up empty. Then I went to this sub reddit called WhatIsThisThing and boom the identity of that scary looking insect was revealed within a few minutes. At the time of writing this there are 63,660 people who subscribe to WhatIsThisThing sub reddit. So if you want to know what something is you have a pretty good shot at finding an answer. As soon as I got my answer I thought about building this vertical but it wasn’t all that interesting.  I believe Jelly has unbundled reddit and they are looking to go deep into this vertical. 

Jelly is not the first startup to unbundle reddit, but it’s probably one of the first mobile apps to do so.  Here are a few examples of websites that have unbundled reddit. 

There are tons of verticals within reddit and we will start to see many launch in 2014. If you need a startup idea or some inspiration, go to reddit before someone else takes the low hanging fruit. 



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